Kiss me....hold me....touch me....


Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.

Thomas Edison


Thank you very much for taking the time to read my F.A.Q. page. I sincerely appreciate the gentlemen who get to know me a bit before contacting me. I really hope to meet you soon!

Your secret paramour

How can I give you your donation?
Please provide the donation in an unsealed envelope or greeting card as soon as we meet, either on the bathroom counter or dresser; that way we are both at ease, and can begin to enjoy each others' company!
Are the photos of you authentic?
Absolutely! I refresh my portfolio with new tantalizing pictures every three months. I want to always be fresh and brand-new for you.
Do you travel?
I do welcome travel engagements; with enough notice, I can fly to meet you anywhere. I have a US Passport, and am available for international travel. I am always looking for an opportunity to improve my language skills and cultural awareness.
What methods of payment do you accept?
I accept cash only.
Is screening necessary?
For my safety I screen all potential clients. Discretion and confidentiality must be mutually observed and respected.
Do you take same day appointments?
Yes I am available on the same day as long as I have time to verify you.
Should I pre-book an appointment with you?
Pre-booking is strongly encouraged. My time does get spoken for quickly and I do prefer to solidify my schedule 24 hours in advance.
What will happen on our rendezvous?
With a positive attitude the sky's the limit! The ideal rendezvous will include nothing but you and me, smiles, laughter, sighs, and pleasures which will evoke sensual and vivid memories.
Will you have dinner with me?
Of course! I would love to kind sir:-) Simply choose one of my lovely packages. Whether you desire two hours or more I will be your luscious dessert! Extra whipped cream please..
Can I have you for the whole day? Do you offer extended engagements?
I would be honored to be your "paramour". Email me for the specifics and we can make it happen ! I will personally tailor your experience to your desires. Let me know if you have a particular fantasy or role play you would like to engage in, and "your wish is my command".
Do you offer PSE engagements?
Every engagement with me Laura London is unique and never a cookie-cutter experience. In reference to the above request, this delectable encounter would be an additional gift to my regular donation and only available to a few select gentlemen!
How would you describe your joie de vivre as an exclusive companion ?
You will find me to be a blend of refined elegance, soft femininity and intoxicating charm. I consider laughter one of the best aphrodisiacs so a great sense of humour is welcomed and encouraged. I truly enjoy what I do, sharing my warmth with you, and exploring our passions, and interests.
What differentiates you from other elite companions ?
My voracious appetite and curiosity for life ensures my company will never incite a yawn from your lips and will always inspire unequivocal gratification from you in private. Having said that... My interests are vast and always evolving - one of the many reasons why I anticipate our time together is because it presents the opportunity to learn some new things from you. Beyond travel, I delight in researching new books, current affairs and basking in all variety of art at local exhibitions and galleries and I often lose myself in musical compositions both live and recorded. With most anything that cultivates passion I find it is best to lose oneself in it. As for the more physical type of "entertainment"...I enjoy skydiving immensely and I encourage everyone to try it at least once and I promise you will be hooked! By the way this is coming from a girl who has never been on a rollercoaster!! Hiking with plentiful water and at times trying my hand at golf - frustrating as it is, can be quite exhilarating! With a deep respect for sincerity and forming genuine connections, it is quite easy for us to find relaxation and the ability to shut the outside world out for a while. Let's enjoy the escape from the mundane to explore and revel in each delectable moment! I invite you to indulge in those delights with me. Now that you have had a glimpse into my world, I would love to know more about yours...
Do you have any tattoos?
No, I am completely flawless with zero tattoos and piercings.
Are you a smoker?
No, I am not a smoker. If you must enjoy a smoke when we are together, please step away and enjoy. Please pop a mint, gum or brush your teeth after.
What will you be wearing for our date?
I am a woman with impeccable, classy taste. Please feel free to request any special attire on my screening form. If you find something you think would look sexy on me, please feel free to bring it with you.
Why didn't you answer my email?
I try to respond to all emails quickly but I choose to ignore emails that are: - Anonymous - Without any information given - Impolite - Use of explicit language - Attempting to negotiate my honorarium(fees) -Ask questions that have been answered here
Are you couple friendly?
Yes, very much so:-)
May I see you if I do not have references?
Yes, I am open to "newbies". If you do not have references, I do offer an alternate screening process, email me for the details.
How do you feel about reviews?
I would be charmed to receive an eloquent note talking about how you enjoyed our time together! While I am not opposed to receiving tasteful reviews, I do not encourage them as they extort the intimacy best kept private between you and I.
Describe yourself in 10 words
Intuitive, Intellectual, Open-Minded, Sultry, Witty, Adventurous, Compassionate, Patient, Optimistic, Genuine.
What is the statement "GFE" about?
You can safely share your erotic desires and intimate moments in an open minded non-judgmental environment. Have you ever wanted more out of your experience but haven't been able to say exactly what it is you are searching for? That is the 'more than' part, the non-tangible. There is a non-physical, energetic connection created during our time together, a connection that is challenging to express in a tangible way. This statement is a way for me to try and express this experience.